Construction Of Rough House

Designing Construction For Our Rough Buildings

Constructing a raw house section can mean that the construction contractor is only responsible for constructing the flank of the house and the interior and interior finishing work is not responsible.

We specialize in providing home construction services The raw part is cheap.

Normally, this service will be divided into two types, one is to buy materials by itself, and the other is the company that will supply the materials.

The companies including us are not only a competitive company in terms of price, but also in terms of quality of service. 150$ / m2.

This unit price will fluctuate depending on the following factors: Construction area is the area with cost of construction, this area includes areas shown in the construction permit and areas not covered.

This is shown in the building permit, but there is a cost of construction. Construction unit price will be different.

Construction space: Construction space also affects a part of unit price, depending on the width or narrow space.

Materials used by customers: Although the company has provided Regarding the materials that will be used in the construction of the raw house, but when the customer wants to specify the use of other materials, the unit price will also fluctuate. raw house section.


SAfter the rough construction is completed, the house will complete the following parts:

Foundations of foundation systems and columns,

Walls and walls of rooms,

Electric systems, water pipes, recessed cables,

Installation of conduits, boxes connections for electric wires of all kinds, electric wires, telephone wires, internet wires, recessed television cables, concrete floors and screeds on floors, terraces, roofs, balconies.

Concreting stairs, manholes, basements, compost pits, water tanksFlooring facades, roofingSprotecting balcony floors, terraces, roof floors, toilets


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